Welcome To Skeet Shooting In Massachusetts

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We're Here For You
You're visiting this website for one of two reasons:

You may be experienced at skeet. In that case, we want to be your clearinghouse for information. We have the competition calendar, so you can plan which shoots to attend. We also are happy to post any pictures, scores, and reports you might like to send us.

On the other hand, you might be new to skeet. It's a fantastic sport: On the field, it's challenging. You are competing against yourself. It's a game of concentration and perfection. When you do well, there's no better feeling. When you make a mistake, you're among friends who often can suggest improvements. Off the field, you'll make friendships, relax, and have fun.

On this site we have information on all member clubs in the Massachusetts Skeet Shooting Association. You're likely to find one or more of them not too far from where you live.

Whether you're experienced or new, our association exists to enhance your skeet experience. So please go to the "Contact Us" page and let us know what we can do to add new features to this website. And send us your skeet pictures!